Beauty Through Sound

Paige Michele Sargent // the.deepness is a multi-faceted singer and songwriter. Her powerful voice & music is inspired by her own personal journey of healing and transformation. The intention behind her music is to connect people with their humanity, by evoking deep emotion. 

Paige has been making an impact in her community with her singing voice for decades. Before becoming a solo music artist, she performed as a backup singer for 60’s Soul artist Nick Waterhouse during her early days of living in San Francisco. She has played at nightclubs and venues all over the Bay Area, the East Coast, and Europe. She has performed at SXSW, Fuck Yeah Fest, and The Montreaux Jazz Festival. With a dextrous vocal background in Folk, Soul, Rock and Roll, and Country, she brings versatility and deep mood to all of her musical endeavors.

Her voice is transmutative, and it offers people the opportunity to remember their divinity. It is her greatest joy to share her voice and to connect with people through the universal language of music.